Thursday, March 27, 2008

Fun in the Northeast

We heat our home with a wood stove and since it still gets in the twenty's at night we have the wood stove going all of the time. When the winter started the wood shed was full as you can tell it is getting less each day. We might even run out but then Jim will disappear out into our woods and chop more wood.From throwing snowballs in the house to carrying in the wood I love New England. Yes, those are my slippers and yes, it is later in the day and I am still in my Jammies. . . Being retired is great!!!!!

Bubbles Bubbles everywhere

After moving all the stuff around the house Jim was so tired and hurt that he decided to take a bath. He added bubbles to the jetted tub and as you can tell it was a little much. So now we found Jim.

To many bubbles? No just enough to lose yourself.

Where did Jim go now??? I am sure he will pop up soon. It is sure fun being married to a wonderful man like Jim even if he gets lost sometime.

Where's Jim

Now that we are married and I am here in our home with all of this stuff. Maybe that is why Jim had a Heart issue. The boxes where piled this high in each room of the house. What a mess!!

Even the kitchen was a mess. We had two and three of everything that I brought. We took two full boxes down to the cellar to see if Laura wanted them. While living in this mess Jim went to the hospital with A-Flutter. He was there for five days and had to have a procedure to correct the condition. Now he is all better and the house is put together. Thanks to Julie's family coming to visit. I work for 12 hours straight to get it taken care of. The eves are full of Christmas and all the closets are full of clothes. Every nook and cranny is full of something. Every room is put together except for my den and that still has boxes in it. But someday it will be done also. For now I just shut the door and don't go in there except when I have to.
Now that the work is all done. It looks great. We still have some pictures to hang. On one side of the fireplace are pictures of his children and on the other side will be pictures of my children. It will look really nice. We are enjoying spring here, even though we had snow yesterday and are expecting some tomorrow. But it is warming up and I love the beauty all around me.