Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Trek

Here we are getting ready for the trek it was the greatest thing to see all the youth excited to start out and get going. They were ready to take on the world. We didn't have to take on the world just hills, valleys, rivers, and small streams. The wagons weighed about five hundred pounds. We had been put into families. We had two families from our ward because we had so many youth go. By the end of the trek we were tired and ready for a hot shower, but so appreciative for the opportunity to do this trek. We learned so much about ourselves and about our pioneer heritage.
Jim and I were the ma and pa for our family of six youth. It was fun being the ones in charge of the youth. When we started I thought that I would have to push the youth to help out not only each other but the other families on the trek. We were so impressed with how they acted and helped out not only our family but the other families on the trek.

The stake had eighty-five youth and 20 adults. It was so neat to see the youth get together from all over the area.

We had such a great group of young men and women in our group everyone helped out and took their turn in pushing and pulling. It was such a wonderful experience. I will never forget.

This is the bridge that Jim went and cut down the trees and placed them over the river. We were one of the last families across the bridge. They called this the sweet water river bridge.

The last big hill until we are able to make camp for the night.

The day is at a end and it looks like we had gone 100 miles instead of only 13 miles. What a day we got a great respect for the pioneers.