Wednesday, February 6, 2008

My New Home

This is my new home. It is divided into three parts. We will live in the section that has the fireplace. Maybe in the future we will take over the other two sections but for now they are rented out. I love the area and the snow I didn't know how much I missed the snow until I was up there. There is a pond and a creek on the property. Along with a lot of big trees with a tire swing.

This is the creek.

This the view from the house to the pond.

This is Jim in our living room.


Abby said...

It is absolutely beautiful. I think you guys will have a great time there with one another. Congratulations.

Julie said...

It looks awesome. I've been waiting for these pictures. I can't wait until we can come see it in person. Happy Wedding tomorrow! We love you!

Dents said...

Very pretty, so you are getting married tomorrow?!! Congrats, we wish you much happiness. Also, I enjoyed your cruise photos :)

Dave & Katie Butler Family said...

What a beautiful home! I can't wait to come up and see it? Are you moved in yet?

Jessica Jo said...

Looks like a great place to live. Congrats on your new husband and home!