Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The rest of our summer

The Thursday before my b-day Melissa and her kids (Abby, Ryan and Matt) came over to build a tree house. They stopped by and picked up Lucas (Ben's boy) It was great to see Jim, and the kids build the tree house. Now every time they come over they want to put more up on it.

This is the falls that Julie and her family and us went to this last spring. At that time they were frozen now people slide down them and jump off the rocks that are there and swim all over the place. I didn't know we were going here or I would brought me suite. The water wasn't even very cold. So it would have been fun to jump in because it was also very hot that day.

We went for a drive one day Jim wanted to show me the bridge of flowers. It was so pretty and it smelled wonderful. This bridge was right around where we took Julie and her family when they were here.

We had the some of Jim's grand kids over to camp out. Jim and the boys spend the night in a tent in our backyard. They really had a great time. We went to a lake just around the corner from our home and then went for ice cream. We had the boys several different nights at our home.

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Abby said...

Looks like alot of fun was had by all. We hope you continue to have great times.