Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Staying warm through the winter because we are ants

From the very beginning. Our pile started out very small and grew. I hope that you enjoy our journey from the beginning of us being ants to us enjoying our hard work each day during this long hard winter.

Here the wood is cut down and some split in the woods.

It just keeps growing

Out of the woods we come.

Just a few more piece to cut and split.
All the wood split and ready to go into the shed.
Jim was taking pictures of me from on top of the pile and slipped he ended up chipping his ankle bone. I couldn't get him out from behind the pile so I had to call 911 and have them move some of the pile to get the gurney in to take him out.

The results of Jim's fall

The young men of our ward came out and put the wood in the wood shed and stacked it for us I am so glad that they wanted to do service for us.
The pile is ready to keep us warm I am so grateful to have the wood.

The wood stove is all ready to go with wood next to it and everything. Boy has it been a long time coming.

Here we are enjoying all of our hard work all summer this is why we did it. So nice when the wind, ice, snow is going on outside we are safe and warm.


Anonymous said...

Please stop hurting yourselves!! That fire looks so nice and's a great place to rest and stay out of trouble!

Julie said...

Man that's crazy! It looks like a lot of work but I'm glad you're able to keep warm especially with all the snow and ice.