Saturday, September 8, 2007

Nana's New Home

This is my new home. Julie just ran outside and took the picture of my home. It was the last part of May. I really love this home. You can't tell by the picture but it is a light yellow with blue shutters. I don't have anything behind me yet. Brian's home is right next door. Just to the right of my home. I have a lot of work to do out in the yard but I do love it. It has three bedrooms including the master. As you will be able to see the only rooms that are decorated the way I want them are the bathrooms.

This is my living room the room that you can see is the kitchen and the nook is next to it. The opening to the right of the entertainment center is the opening that goes to my garage and to the master bedroom.

This is my master bedroom. I am going to paint it a different color but right now the neutral color of the house works okay. I need to get blinds because the sun comes in first thing in the morning and for the days that I want to sleep in forget it by seven it is bright and sunny. Brian and Michelle bought me the new bedspread and pillows for my birthday. I love the colors.

This is my
master bathroom. I love this area because it looks so peaceful. It is nice to go in and see that at least this area is done. I had most of this stuff from when my bedroom was oriental but I love it so much I am keeping it. I have a very small shower next to the tub and double sinks. It is funny because I still will use the sink in the corner because Dad/Ron would have taken the other one. I laugh each time I hit my bottom on the door that goes to the potty room.

This bathroom is the hall bathroom. I love this because it was the first room that I decorated in my new home. I also love it because it is so bright and cheerful. It has a fun beachy theme to it. When I was in St. Thomas with Laurie Elder she found some fun flip-flop decoration so she bought it for me. When I told Jenn about my bathroom she made me this cute sign that says Bath. It has flig-flops hand painted on it. I added the ribbon to hang it. The bathroom isn't quite done yet, I want to cut out of wood some flip-flops and make them into towel holders. You can see the cute little bench that Julie sent me.

My home is coming along. I am trying to buy blinds for the window one a month and then I will save up for the bigger things that I want to do. So I will keep you posted on my progress.


Jessica Jo said...

I'm glad to see you've joined the bloggin craze! Your new home is beautiful, can't wait to see how you decorate the rest of the house! Love you!

Dave & Katie Butler Family said...

Mom, Your house is coming along really cute. I love the bathrooms. You have always had great taste. I love you!Katie

Jenn said...

Your house is looking so cute. I love the extra bath!

Jeff said...

I love your house. It looks just perfect. Thanks for all the information on your reunion. Mom did say that much about it. I hope she took pictures too. I hope all is well.


Abby said...

Your house is beautiful. We miss you so much.