Saturday, September 15, 2007

Sister's weekend in Boise

In August my sisters Jo, and Marilyn and I went to Boise to my Aunts and Uncles 60th wedding anniversary. This is on my dad's side. We were at my cousins Patti's house. As usual my sisters and I had so much fun. We went to see our old house where Jo's reception to Frank was and where Marilyn graduated from High School. We also went to the ice cream parlor that Marilyn worked at. Yes, It is still there and looks just the same. They even make the ice cream just like they did when she worked there.

This is my Aunt Lee and Uncle Dewayne it was their 60th. Uncle Dewayne was grandpa Griffith's brother. He is the brother that lived in the same town as my family in Ontario and Boise. He is also next in line as far as Brothers and Sister. This is also the uncle that grandpa had his trucking company with. He is 90 years old. He lives in Boise. Aunt Lee is one of my favorite Aunts she always smelled like perfume. She also had funny ghost stories about her houses that they lived in. When I was twelve we moved to Boise from Ontario on my birthday. She had a party for me at her home.

Next in line is my Uncle Mac his real name is Charles McCurdy Griffith. But we call him Uncle Mac. Aunt Nima is his second wife. His first wife was Aunt Lorna she passed away several years ago. They live in Riverside CA. Grandpa married uncle Mac and Nima in the Seattle temple when they were married. I have great pictures of all the of Aunts and Uncles. My funnest memory of them is when we stayed at their home in CA and Marilyn and I went swimming in their pool. After that trip I was really sick and they sent me a get well card. I still have the card.

Next is my dad's only sister Laurel. She married a real cowboy, Uncle Verl. They lived around Ontario also. My sister Jo went to high school with their son Scott and Marilyn was close to their daughter Susan's age. I don't really remember going to their farm at all, but I did know that every time we saw them Uncle Verl had a cowboy hat on. Even now when we arrived he had his hat on. I also remember that when they were at my moms and dads house they were always really nice to me.

They last of my Aunts and Uncles on this side is my uncle Lloyd and Aunt Bobbie. His real name is John Lloyd but he goes by Uncle Lloyd. They have always lived in Idaho Falls. Ever since I can remember. Their oldest children are around my age. They took care of Grandpa Griffith's mother. I can remember going to see them when we would go and see my grandmother in Pocatello. She has always been such a classes dresser. I can remember one time that I went to see them and their children were doing their homework I wanted to play and they couldn't until their homework was done and their reading time was up. When I was at the "Y" so was their son Doug. So we did some stuff together but not much.

This is a picture of my cousins that where at the reunion. In the front row is John who is Uncle Dewayne's son. Then comes Scott who is Aunt Laurel's son, next is my sister Jo. In the back row is me then Patti who was the hostess and Uncle Dewayne's daughter then Sharon Uncle Dewayne's oldest daughter and then my sister Marilyn. It was fun to see all of my dad's family. I can only hope that next year when it is a Griffith reunion that more of the cousins will come. A long with all of you. It was great to talk to the Aunts and Uncles and find out more about them and their children. I have learned that Family is so important.

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Rebecca Franks said...

Do you have a contact number or email for Uncle Mac? Shirley is coming to visit California next week and would like to go visit him.


Rebecca Franks