Monday, November 26, 2007

Christmas at the Nana's

Putting on the lights. This is the first time that I have done the lights in a very long time. I also did white lights like when I was a child. I think they are so pretty.

Austin helped me decorate the tree, after breaking a bulb he had to stay in the great room and I would bring out two and he would pick which one he would like to put up. I would put up the other one. I would do all of the high ones and he would do one or two branches, putting several on the branch. Then I would suggest that he go some where else and he would for the bulb and then right back to he favorite branch.

Here is a branch that Austin did. It was just like when my children where little. It was so fun to have him help with his excitement and he was so careful not to drop or break anymore. Children really bring out the joy of Christmas.

The end product but of course I am still moving bulbs around. I just can't seemed to get it right the first time. :-)


Julie said...

Your tree looks great. It's fun that you had Austin to help you. I like where you put the tree too. It's fun to see the lights in the window of mine and other people's trees as I drive around.

Abby said...

The tree looks wonderful. I am glad Austin was there to help you decorate it. I also love that Ron's photo is right next to the tree. I think he would love all the work you have put into the decorating. Beautiful tree.