Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hike with Dave at the reunion

At the reunion in June while we were at the beach Dave decided that he wanted to go on a hike really early in the morning. The only people that he could get to go with him was Papa, Anna, Kim and Hadley. They left the house at 6:00 AM and got back around noon. It was a fun time for all.

The girls along the trail.
Each of the girls had to look through the roots of a tree.

The all love see the roots from this angle. It was fun to see how big the trees are.

It was a little cold that morning so the girls took every chance to cuddle.
Over the river and through the woods to where no one knows. Well maybe Dave!
Walking can be tiring Hadley needed a ride for just a little while. The swing bridge behind now more trail to hike.

The girls ready to leave the forest and head down to the beach.

Dave leading the way out of the woods to the beach. What an adventure.

Walking along the beach just to see what they could find.

Crossing a small stream going to look in the cave and find what lives there. They all got a little wet crossing this very small stream. It got bigger each time because the tide was coming in. Glad more people didn't come.

A starfish, is what they found they took it off of the rocks and let each of the girl hold one and here is papa taking his turn.
Here they are inside of the cave. There was more that just starfish.

The tide was out but coming back in, so they could see lots of sea animals, including starfishes. Which is what they are pointing at.

A large root ball of a tree that fell. Now this is a big tree. Anna on top of Papa's shoulders. Kim and Hadley looking on.
The end to a perfect hike. With lots of water, caves and trees.

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Katri said...

I could tell from the pictures that you weren't on the East Coast! I guessed Oregon or Washington, and you're last picture confirmed it--Oswald West SP in Oregon. I've been there!! I absolutely LOVE IT. You have to hike to get to the campground. Glad to hear from you guys again. :)