Monday, March 30, 2009

Fun at Julie's

On our way home we stopped at Kirtland to see some of the Church History sites there. It was great to see. I hadn't ever been there and it was very impressive.We went into the School of the Prophets room it had such a great spirit there. I really enjoyed our time there. I look forward to going back and seeing more church history sites. This year we went to Palmyra, Nauvoo, and Kirtland. At the Visitors Center they had on display these bronze statues that a women did of the life and miracles of Christ. It was so great. Our favorite one was the one of raising Lazarus. If you have a chance to see them you should. The details are amazing.
While we were at Julie's we celebrated our 1st Anniversary. We decided to go and see Nauvoo. We went to the temple and visited a number of sights. Then we drove back to Julie's. It was a great day.

Sights of Nauvoo

I know that all of you have seen the pictures of Amelia and our visit but here are some of our favorites.

I love how Miya is just touching Amelia so lightly. I think this really shows how much she loves her little sister.

Julie put on the picture of Miya a little happier and me not so much but this is the other one. Me happier and Miya not so much.
Brian and Michelle waiting for pictures so they could get on the road to their new home.

Papa soon became the favorite to play with. I think it is because he was so much fun and always gave good rides on his back.
It was Papa and my job to entertain the children. We had so much fun with Austin, Spencer, Logan and Miya.

Miya is so glad that dad is still around.
First time seeing Amelia not really sure what to think.


Julie said...

What great pictures! It sure was nice having you here. I wish I had the extra hand today with my kids. Come back any time =)

Heather said...

Nauvoo is so awesome, what a great way to spend an anniversary!